Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Theory 4 (Email 6)

Hi Juan

     Really productive post! An exemplary aspect of this post is the interplay  among theory (libido), Lacan example (lamella), and mystory:  asking and locating "what  is this for me, in my own case?"  A point of sublimation, of course, is  that mounting exhibitions, producing a painting, or any activity of civilization, is itself a source of jouissance.  R. Crumb said he started drawing to meet girls.  It worked of course, but the career that followed left the copulation way behind.  And Lacan also asks of the women:  why does this work? In any case, for our purposes, looking for instructions, the principle is (as you dramatize), to identify a theory of how the world works (how reality  is constituted, what forces construct the possibilities of being and meaning); then be sure by means of examples you have an understanding of how these forces are manifested in actuality, in individual experience of the  lifeworld; then formulate a poetics, a recipe, that may be tested with your  own wide image project.

 In this regard, we are not limited to what is already in the wide image, but may  revisit the whole situation charted by part one, to  pick up aspects also available in the field but not necessarily relevant to the first pattern, but now salient because of the Lacan.  Also, this gap is precisely the dimension of the Unconscious, the Unrealized between potential and actual.  That is the place of our metaphysics.  Be sure also to attend to temporality and cause.  These are the big three of metaphysics --  what  makes experience possible.

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