Monday, April 15, 2013


From Narrative to Figure via Oracle
In his book How to Adapt Anything into A Screenplay, Richard Krevolin admits that his method actually describes how to adapt anything into the Hollywood template.  He includes this "scene-o-gram" in his book, mapping the three-act template of the screenplay, with the crucial turning-points punctuating the structure.  As a visualization of structure, the layout evoked a tarot spread, which is not surprising considering the correlation of the three-level matrix of the major arcana with the screenplay form, mediated by the tradition of "the hero with a thousand faces."  Since the shape of our tarot spread is open (for the Prezi map), it could be interesting to test the syncretic capacities of our own adaptation to konsult:  can a Prezi configuration evoke together a tarot spread and a Hollywood scenario? 

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